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Advanced Medical Equipments

SAM Healthcare International

Advanced Medical Equipments

Cutting-edge 3.0T MRI

Improve the diagnosis accuracy and patient's convenience

IVR-CT Interventional angiography system with CT gantry

The first in Korea combining Angiography and MSCT IVR-CT

Elekta Infinity with Stereotactic radiosurgery

The more accurate and fast radiating therapy is possible with the extremely sensitive
and high density way of irradiation

The newest 128 channel MDCT

Accurate 128 images acquired by the 1round


One whole body shot could check the cancer exactly

DR (Digital Radiography)

The excellent imaging processing technology makes it get more accurate examination.

Latest Angio Equipment (Philips Allura Xper FD20)

The high-tech equipment * facility * staff for coronary intervention

HIFU Ultrasound Procedure

For uterine myoma, protect your secure uterus by high-intensity ultrasound

Cutting-edge Artificial kidney machine 5008S

The best equipment which is made in German for efficient and
safe treating kidney dialysis patient

Panorama CT

Close diagnosis with Panoramic Exposure, CT &Photographic subtraction

Holmium laser Surgery Equipment

The best medical equipment for treating prostate disease "Holep"

LHIPEC : Laparoscopic Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy

Chronic seroperitoneum, melt the cancer tissue directly

Whole Body local hyperthermia Equipment, Local local hyperthermia Equipment

The cutting-edge hyperthermia Equipment to improve the cancer patient’s immune system